Studio Joneski = Sam Jones & Matthijs Kievit

Recording and mixing awesome music since 2013

A selection of tracks recorded at, mixed by,

and/or produced by Studio Joneski.

Updated regularly.

Clients include Luwten, Klangstof, Blaudzun, Kim Janssen, Dawn Brothers, Ode to the Quiet, Litzberg, Kruidkoek, No Man’s Valley, San Francisco, DeWolff, Maurice van Hoek, Luka, Kalulu, Joia, BOT, Reiger, Bartek, Koblenz, Kapok, Canvas Blanco, Lise Low, Polytrigger, Stargaze, Broken Brass Ensemble, Felix Pallas, Yellow Grass, Dakota, Sir James, Roufaida, Okke Punt, Unterwelten, Pierre et les Optimistes, AAPNOOTMIES, DJ DNA, Bfake, Kytecrash, Kyteman, KO Brass, NNENN, Find Us in Slumberland, Wooden Soldiers, Duijf, The Originators, VerborgenBende, Jackie Please, Woods on Fire, How to Throw a Christmas Party, Eins Zwei Orchestra, Wooden Saints, Orlando, Leonids, La Corneille, Meneer van Dalen, Stillwave, Number Nine, Small Supernova, Silence Is Sexy, The Medics, Jesus & the Christians

Studio Joneski stands for impact and identity.

We work hard to make every project a unique, awesome and fulfilling experience, and we’ll push to maximize the impact of your music in every part of the process that you choose to employ us in; writing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering.

We believe diversity is important. Therefore, we’ll try to make you sound as much like yourself as possible, while still delivering an end product that stands up to the rest.

We like analogue stuff. We like tape. We like grit. We like a band in a room. We like real performances. But we are not purists. All rules can go out the window if the music demands it.

We offer full recording and mixing services to any band or artist. Together with you, in accordance with your wishes and available budget. we’ll book a suitable recording space. We have experience working in a number of fine studios in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Places where we like to work include Wisseloord, Schenk Studio, LEF, E-Sound, Moon Music, Daft and andereBaustelle. Of course, we’re always happy to explore new places and, if we need to, we can set up anywhere using our own mobile tracking setup.

Come mixing time, we have a great sounding room, right beneath the famous Wisseloord complex in Hilversum, with a nice collection of outboard gear and plug-ins to take care of post-production.


Sam Jones

Website foto Matthijs.jpg

Matthijs Kievit

Since 2013, the Joneski brothers have been working hard, creating awesome music in as many styles and genres as possible. Working from an abandoned postal service building until late 2017, they have been building an extensive and unique body of work. Now residing in Hilversum’s famed Wisseloord complex, the boys keep on stepping up their game in the studio, while also traveling the world mixing live shows for various bands. Sitting still is not their forte.

Get in touch with Sam if you’re looking for: lush, warm, wide, deep
Hook up with Matthijs if you’re looking for: punchy, full, gritty, raw

However, book ‘em both and get the ultimate goodness. When these guys can bounce their ideas off each other is when some extra magic tends to happen and literally all the bases will be covered.

Recorders: Pro Tools Ultimate, Otari 2" 24-track, Studer 1/4" 2-track
Conversion: Antelope
Clocking: Grimm
Monitoring: Focal, ATC, Genelec
Pre-amps: Studer, Audio Development, API, Chandler, Manley, AEA, Focusrite
Dynamics: Manley, Tubetech, Urei, SSL, ELI, UBK, TK Audio, BSS, Altec, DBX
Eq/Fx: Avalon, Thermionic Culture, SSL, IQ Systems, Orban, Tech21, Lexicon, WEM, Yamaha
Mics: AEA, AKG, Audio Technica, Bang&Olufsen, Beyerdynamic, Calrec, Coles, ElectroVoice, Gefell, Gonzo, Heil, Neumann, Philips, Royer, Sennheiser, Shure, Telefunken, Warm Audio
Plug-ins: Fabfilter, Slate, Soundtoys, AudioEase, Valhalla, Goodhertz

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All rates are calculated per project, based on your wishes and available budget. Get in touch!

SAM: sam [dot] jonessound [at] gmail [dot] com

MATTHIJS: matthijskievit [at] yahoo [dot] com

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